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ClinicalTrialsForYou.com is home of the Patient Medical Care Network which is a nationwide clinical trial network comprised of volunteers who would like to participate in medical research studies on investigational and marketed medication. Find clinical trials in your area by using the free services that the Patient Medical Care Network has to offer. Take the time and guesswork out of finding clinical trials.

As a member of Patient Medical Care Network you have access to our patient assistants. Our patient assistants are available to answer questions about clinical trials and identify clinical trials for you in your area. Our goal is to inform you about the process of participating in medical research, connect you with clinical trials, and guide you during the study. Our patient assistants will also guide you to health information resources focused on your condition and interests. Patient assistants are available by phone and email.

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Patients, use this website, ClinicalTrialsForYou.com to stay informed about clinical trials. Learn about the 4 phases of research new medication must go through to prove its safety and effectiveness. Learn about clinical trials, the process of participation, benefits and risks. Make an informed decision when you consider participating in clinical trials.

Physicians, Sponsors, CROs and SMOs, take advantage of the low cost services we have to offer to expedite patient enrollment and keep track of the status of your study. Our services allow you to be proactive, not reactive to achieve a successful project within required timelines.

Study Coordinators, you are critical to the success of clinical trials at your site. Ensure your success by utilizing our low-cost services to be proactive in deciding if a study is feasible considering the resources available to you. Determine an accurate patient recruitment budget before your study is initiated. Our experienced CRCs and CRAs will assist you throughout the trial. Don’t let your first study be your last!

Benefits To Patients

Join Patient Medical Care Network

  1. No Cost Membership
  2. Receive excellent medical care
  3. Receive study related medical care and tests at no cost
  4. Learn more about your medical condition and treatment options
  5. You may receive compensation for your time, travel and inconvenience for study participation
  6. Stay updated on clinical trial results, recently FDA approved medication and news of interest
  7. Communicate with our knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate Patient Assistants
  8. Become A Member

Benefits to Study Coordinators

Top 10 Reasons To Use Our Services

  1. Complete your study on time and within budget
  2. Gain recognitions by Sponsors for a successful study
  3. Earn respect from your Investigators
  4. Stay in control of study progress
  5. Be proactive not reactive
  6. Become a sought after study site
  7. Maintain positive moral  with key study personnel
  8. Build positive relationships with Patients, Sponsors and CROs
  9. Enjoy monitoring visits
  10. Have an opportunity to grow your research business and department
  11. Contact Us

Benefits To Physicians

Top 10 Reasons To Use Our Services

  1. Save time and money
  2. Become a leader within the global clinical trial community
  3. Gain more time for you patients
  4. Maximize ROI
  5. Avoid additional overhead
  6. Gain an option to enroll additional patients
  7. Successfully conduct multiple studies at a time
  8. Become a sought after study site
  9. Access study progress and budget reports
  10. Streamline the process of conducting clinical trials
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Benefits To Sponsor / CRO / SMO

Top 10 Reasons To Use Our Services

  1. Avoid delays in patient enrollment
  2. Reduce project costs
  3. Avoid costly delays in your project due to high number of queries
  4. Develop positive, long-term relationships
  5. Reduce monitoring time
  6. Increase patient retention and avoid unnecessary costs
  7. Develop public awareness
  8. Bring attention to investors
  9. Benefit from personal communication
  10. Opportunity to focus on site recruitment in the North America
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